Hilda Doyle (Bandleader/Co-founder Ladies of Longford) is a singer, songwriter, self-taught instrumentalist and a local icon in the Columbus, OH acoustic scene. A native of southern Ohio, the youngest of 4 siblings, she started singing, playing and performing at the early age of four. She defies any easy pigeonhole. Her background is varied and full, encompassing a number of genres including Contemporary Celtic, Folk, Light Jazz, Country and more. She is a versatile and diverse musician… adept at guitar, banjo and mandolin. Hilda has opened for and appeared with many nationally known acts. She currently leads the highly acclaimed Celtic band, Ladies of Longford, as well as doing a solo act. 



Stephanie Doyle (Co-founder/Ladies of Longford) has spent the majority of her life surrounded by music. In addition to being a proud part-time member of other bands, 2018 marks her 20th year teaching K-8 music at two local (Columbus, OH) elementary schools. She has sung her entire life with music professionals and recorded a number of CD’s. Her priorities lie with the Ladies of Longford band and she quotes, “The letters ‘LOL’ have a much different meaning for me than to most people. Sharing music with these gifted women fills my soul the way laughter does to others. So, in a sense ‘LOL’ also stands for ‘Lots of Love’! Even though only three of us are family members, I would claim all the members of the ‘Ladies’ as sisters any day!” Stephanie’s musicianship is an effort of the last decade. “Being surrounded by musicians as a child, I knew a little bit about playing, but I didn’t take up any instruments until I was in my 20’s. Starting with the piano at age 23, then the bass at age 26, I am a true example of 'it's never too late' to start! Music has taken me places I never dreamed possible!”



Heather Doyle Fraser (Co-founder/Ladies of Longford) cannot remember a time when she wasn’t singing. Her vocal style is versatile –feeling equally comfortable singing Celtic, Jazz, Folk or Rock. She has performed with many bands over the years, but her focus has been primarily Celtic music. She has always enjoyed expressing the emotions found in the stories of Celtic music, and it clearly shows in her vocal interpretations. In addition to her vocal expertise, Heather also provides the percussion for the group. Her strong rhythms on djembe and other percussive instruments, bring undeniable energy to each song and every show. Heather has performed both locally and nationally and has added her expertise to nine CD projects over the past several years.



Elizabeth Blickenstaff has had a violin in her hand since the age of three. She took up fiddling at the age of 14, and never looked back. She enjoys stomping her feet and playing fast. She is the member of two regional bands; Ladies of Longford and Lone Raven. Elizabeth has recorded, sung, and played on stage with not only these bands but a host of others. She has performed  with several national and internationally known Irish artists including Eileen Ivers and Aoife Clancy. When she is not playing music, she enjoys spending time with her three beautiful daughters (Irish Dance Champions), and her wonderfully supportive husband, Ben (Celebrated Alpha Media Radio Host).



Guest Artist: Molly Pauken is a driving force as a performer and accomplished instrumentalist. As a world class musician, she is an active member of several local, national and internationally known groups. She plays a variety of instruments (string and percussion) and is adept at many styles and genres of music (Jazz, Folk, Rock, and Country to mention only a few). She is an instructor, full time musician, singer, songwriter, and recording artist working 52 weeks of the year. She is truly musically gifted and an integral part of each band she joins.  



Francis Doyle (Band Manager), un-official member, husband to Hilda, and father of Stephanie and Heather. Francis, on special occasions, will jump up for a song or two. The Doyle family line is originally from County Longford in Ireland so it seemed fitting to incorporate it into the name. Francis is the band's number one fan and you can often find him selling CD's at many events where the Ladies perform.